Solutions Not Suspensions is a call for a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions and for schools to adopt more constructive disciplinary policies that benefit students, classrooms and communities.

Apr 15, 2014

Today at 6pm at the Dayton Public School Board meeting Racial Justice Now! (RJN) of Dayton, Ohio will launch a campaign calling for a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions in pre-K and early elementary school grades, and for a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions for minor behavior infractions in all grades. RJN will present the school board with an opportunity to be a leader in eliminating the School-to-Prison Pipeline by introducing a comprehensive discipline policy to significantly reduce out-of-school suspensions and eliminate racial disparities in discipline.

Apr 10, 2014

Yesterday, Portland Parent Union (PPU) officially launched a campaign calling on Portland Public Schools to declare a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions. After years of organizing to change exclusionary discipline policies, PPU has struggled to get a public response from the School Board. In January PPU sent an invitation to the School Board asking them to meet to discuss a plan for what a Moratorium could look like for Portland Public Schools. They did not receive a response and have moved forward on calling for a moratorium themselves. 

Feb 26, 2014

Following on the heels of Los Angeles, San Francisco Unified has become the second California school district to ban suspension for 'willful defiance'. The district's new Safe and Supportive Schools Policy is another major victory in the nationwide movement to end harsh school discipline and embrace proven alternatives. 

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